Super Duper Gallery Offers a Portal Further Beyond

A contemporary art gallery that welcomes a wide range of artistic provocations.

Artists are given the opportunity to explore and creatively labor upon the energy that drives their limitless imagination.

The gallery embraces a range of expressions and intentions, from serious to the unapologetically whimsical.

Artists may freely choose the contemplative in challenging yet innovative ways or provide an occasional jesting commentary.

They can also renegotiate ontologies of art and rethink parameters of validity in the market.

Although it is physically located in Quezon City, the gallery offers a glimpse into the diverse contemporary art practices and media that artists have to offer regardless of ethnicity, nationality, and geographic borders.

Super Duper is a contemporary art gallery that features carefully curated exhibitions that transcend conceptual boundaries, established trends, and cliques.

The innovative program of exhibitions is reflective of the gallery’s dictum: ignore the compulsory and pursue the super duper.

Our Expertise

The gallery offers facilities and services for solo and group exhibitions, artist exchanges, and other collateral activities.

It has a team of artists with a wealth of experience in curation, exhibition design, marketing, and project management.

The gallery serves as a platform for emerging and established artists from across and outside the archipelago.

It is a node within a network of art institutions, collectives, and artworld stakeholders.

Last but not the least, it is a haven and playground for artists who wish to experiment and even play.